Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The horror genre, as you can see, is one of my favorites and the famous list of titles that I own is equal to the obscure amount of horror movie titles that I own. I sometimes think there is a difference between men and women when it comes to liking horror films and when movies come along that seem to rip-off greater horror films, I tend to like them even if I see similarities to greater films. Since we are talking about yet another horror film, let's talk about this sub genre of the horror family tree: the witchcraft horror film. They have been around for a long time and became big with the release of The Craft in the 90s but the new millennium has its own personal stand out for me: the little known gem Tamara.

Film Plot: Tamara is a girl who is not in with the popular crowd. Mousy and intelligent, she is good at English and writing but her plain looks leave her out of the in crowd and her recent article on school athletes and drug testing doesn't help matters much. When two school athletes, Sean and Patrick, get benched thanks to Tamara's article they are ready to make her life miserable. Soon they decide to pull the ultimate prank when they find out Tamara has a crush on her married English teacher, Bill Natolly, and decide to use this against her in the ultimate humiliation.

Getting the local AV nerd, Roger, to help them along with Sean's girlfriend Kisha and an audience for this prank with oblivious Chloe and her boyfriend Jesse, they invite Tamara to a motel under the guise of Mr. Natolly and decide to film the girl's humiliation and then show it to the whole school. When Tamara finds out, even though she's hurt, she fights back but ends up killed when she hits her head on a table and bleeds to death.

                                                               Karma's a bitch.

Things have now been taken to far and the six teens decide to bury Tamara in the woods to hide their tracks but they don't realize that Tamara has been delving into The Black Arts to win Bill Natolly's love and their spilling of her blood has awakened a powerful spell that will bring this shy girl back as a seductive force to get what she wants. In the beginning all Tamara wanted was her teacher's love but now she wants also wants revenge and when the two combine...no one will be safe.

                                                        Revenge Has A Killer Body.

I always want to spoil movies but something always stops me because I believe that if my description of the plot is good enough you will Netflix or Redbox or go out and buy this movie to see for yourself what happens. Tamara is one of those films where you really need to see it to believe all the messed up and twisted things I could tell you about the plot because I believe it is that good. Again, my taste in films is different from everybody else but Tamara stands up well on its own two feet even if it might slightly resemble films like Carrie of the past or even Jennifer's Body of the present.

The writing may be the problem or it may be the interpretations the actors give to their characters but Tamara is a sexy and gory film and something about the torment the lead character goes through in both social and romantic situations can't help but strike a nerve in me. Maybe it's why I enjoy the film because I can look past the visceral horror and enjoy it at the same time I am drawn in by the story. For the gore and sexhound fans of horror, there is plenty for you to enjoy as well but don't expect too much skin as the sexuality is pretty tame except for the extreme shortness of Jenna Dewan's skirts in the second half that shows off those killer legs of hers.

Yes, I'm ending on a bad pun but a film like Tamara only deserves the best as it is a classic in b-grade horror but I'll give it an A for effort. Hopefully...I won't be graded too harshly by my generous readers in schooling you on Tamara and I'll have taught you to enjoy it for all its charms and faults.

Class dismissed.

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