Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jerry Maguire

I've talked about mostly horror/thriller films that I have in my collection but it is not the only genre that I like: romantic comedy-drama films are favorites of mine as well. Being a woman you may think I don't like action films or sports themed films but if they can attract my attention with let's just say good characters and maybe a sub-plot of human emotion I can easily be persuaded...

Thank you so much, Cameron Crowe, for Jerry Maguire!

What's The Plot?
Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a sports agent with a hot fiancee who after a night of bad pizza and his conscience guilty with how he handles his job decides to write a mission statement about how he and his fellow agents should be more honest in dealing with their clients. However, Jerry later regrets his actions but his fellow employees, including single mother Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger) are touched by the statement. Too bad the management decides to fire Jerry and his former protege Bob Sugar (Jay Mohr) snags almost all of his clients except for Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and university superstar, number one NFL draft pick, Frank "Cush" Cushman (Jerry O'Connell).

When Jerry asks anyone if they would be willing to leave with him and start their own agency together, Dorothy is the only one who goes with Jerry. Things seem to be okay until the night of the NFL draft when Bob Sugar resigns Cush back to Sports Management International under Jerry's nose while he is trying to show off Rod to other NFL teams in the hopes of getting him a better contract. The night is capped off by Jerry's fiancee Avery Bishop (Kelly Preston) rebuking him support, Jerry dumping her and Avery socking him in the face. The emotionally distant Jerry turns to Dorothy for support and ends bonding well with her five-year old son Ray (Jonathan Lipnicki) which starts to make Dorothy fall even more in love with Jerry to her sister Laurel's (Bonnie Hunt) dismay.

Rod is becoming to be a very difficult client for Jerry to handle but on a personal level, Rod seems to be dispensing all the things Jerry mentioned in his mission statement without even knowing it. When it seems financial straits might have Dorothy and Ray moving out of Laurel's house and to San Diego where a secure position awaits, Jerry asks Dorothy to marry him. She agrees but soon after, even though Jerry adores Ray and is a good father to her son, Dorothy is ready to end the marriage. His marriage in danger and the biggest game of Rod's career ahead...can Jerry Maguire become the man he wants to be...or the man he needs to be?

I always hate telling a predominant amount of a film's plot but when movies are as good as Jerry Maguire and someone has not seen it, I like them to know a little bit of what is in store. Most people know quotes from Jerry Maguire like their own telephone numbers and that Cuba Gooding Jr. won an Oscar for his portrayal of Rod Tidwell but they don't know that the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger is phenomenal! Both Tom and Renee are very good at acting romantic, distant and friendly toward each other for whatever emotion the scene calls for and when Tom Cruise interacts with Jonathan Lipnicki as heart just melts! The acting is amazing in this movie that if I had to talk about everyone we might be here for days!

It took five years after it came out in theaters for me to see Jerry Maguire because I thought I wouldn't be interested in the sports angle but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. For those who have seen it and liked it, good for you and for those who didn't like it...I'm sorry. For the few people who have not seen it ... give it a shot and see what happens. Last but not least I have to give proper respect to director Cameron Crowe.

I have three favorite directors and Cameron Crowe is the only who is not a horror director and I enjoy watching his films. They are always based somewhat loosely on real people and moments in Crowe's own life which makes the characters more human and easy to relate to and the music soundtrack and score is always diverse in genres but does not distract from the movie. Truthfully, I got into Cameron Crowe because he use to be married to Nancy Wilson, female guitar god of Heart, but I discovered how great a director and screenwriter he was all on my own. I've seen every one of his films and hopefully there will be more to come that I can add to my movie collection!

Next Blog: Yes we go back to the horror genre once again and talk about a film that is sure to be a real...Hellraiser

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